| Project Agreement |
Please read this document carefully, as it covers many details important to your project.

We look forward to serving you! Please contact us at (800) 409-6631 ext. 1 if you have any questions as you read through this agreement. We'll cover the following:

• The process of the website project
• What is included
• What is not included
• Monthly fee and what it includes
• Your responsibilities
• Search engine optimization
• Gospel agreement
• Design style selection
• Color customization (optional)
• Project acceptance


STEP 1) Once we receive your full payment, Project Agreement form (this form), and Gospel Agreement form from your senior leader (http://churchplantmedia.com/gospel-agreement), we will set up your new website, along with the Content Management System (CMS) within one business day. Your monthly fee will begin at that time.

STEP 2) You will then have full access to the CMS to begin creating your pages, blogposts, sermons, events, etc. If you have an existing website, this is the point where you will copy the content from your old website into our CMS. You will be able to preview your content at a private link using the design you've selected.

STEP 3) We will be ready to launch your website as soon as you are comfortable with the content that you have entered. Once you are ready, let us know and we will launch the website.

You have access to partner support team by phone and our online support portal should any questions arise before, during, or after the launch of your website.


• Your choice of any of our designs that are available in your area

• All features you see at http://churchplantmedia.com/tour

• 24/7 usage of our web-based Content Management System to manage your website content

• Online and telephone support


• Exclusive rights to your selected design style.

• The ability to make changes to the structure/layout (for example: the navigation menu cannot be changed from horizontal to vertical; the sidebar or subpage navigation cannot be moved from left to right).

• Color and texture modifications by our team (the optional $1,000 full color customization service is available for purchase, or if you have the ability to code, we can give you access to modify the CSS code).

• E-mail accounts. We recommend either Google Apps ($50 annually per email address), or Bluehost (about $96 annually for 100 email addresses). You may sign up for those services here:

Google Apps: www.goo.gl/K2rtgn
Bluehost: www.bluehost.com/track/cpmllc

*NOTE: if you already have free email with Google Apps or email elsewhere, you can continue using it.


• 24/7 access to the CMS to manage your website content

• Website hosting

• Certain updates to the core modules of the CMS

• Telephone and online support

• Ongoing radius protection [meaning we won't sell your design to anyone else within 10 miles of your location (30 miles for Mosaic users)]


• Use the CMS to create pages, sermons, events, navigation, blogs, etc.

• Port over content from your current website into our CMS (if applicable)


No web development company (Church Plant Media included) can guarantee search engine results or placement, but our technologies and methods give our partners a good foundation from which to build when getting listed on search engines. Search engine placement can vary from day to day. Your website might not be initially listed for months, then be highly listed one day, drop down the next day, and then rise the next day. These factors are beyond our control and are the nature search engine placement. It is always a good idea to combine online marketing with offline marketing to achieve optimal results.


Every church and ministry that we partner with must endorse and commit to uphold the Gospel Agreement (http://churchplantmedia.com/gospel-agreement). Please give this link to your senior leader, as they need to affirm the statements and complete the form. Be sure to follow up with your senior leader to ensure that the Gospel Agreement has been submitted.


You are able to select any design that is available in your area. All designs are available if they have not been used within 10 miles of your address. You can check design availability at http://www.churchplantmedia.com/design-style-availability.

*NOTE: The radius protection does not apply to global ministries, future location changes or expansion of multi-site/campus situations by either your ministry or another ministry. Church Plant Media reserves the right to make occasional exceptions based on the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.

Which design would you like to use? *

Which Missio color palette would you like to use? *

Which Augustine color palette would you like to use? *

Which Covenant color palette would you like to use? *

Which Kaleo color palette would you like to use? *

Which Liberty color palette would you like to use? *

Which Ephesus color palette would you like to use? *

Which Nicene color palette would you like to use? *

Which Jonah color palette would you like to use? *

Which Apostle color palette would you like to use? *

Which Cornerstone color palette would you like to use? *

Which Abide color palette would you like to use? *

Which Corinthian color palette would you like to use? *

Which Titus color palette would you like to use? *

Which Parable color palette would you like to use? *


You have the option of purchasing our $1000 color customization service, where we will customize the colors in the design style to your specification. Would you like to select this option? *

Even if you select "no", you can still purchase this at any time during your partnership with Church Plant Media.
Please list the colors that you would like us to change below: *

Also include any specific instructions or notes that you'd like us to take into consideration.

Terms defined in this agreement (and links contained therein) are subject to change at any time. By typing my name below, I agree that I have read both this document and the Service Agreement & Terms (http://www.churchplantmedia.com/service-agreement-terms), and that I fully understand and accept the project process, responsibilities, terms, specifications, and what is/is not included with my website.

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Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor, Director, etc.
What is the address that you'd like us to Radius Protect? *

This is the address that we will protect so no other church or organization in your area can have the same website as you. Usually this is your physical address where your church meets or where your organization is located. Please make sure to include City, State, and Zip Code.
*Thank you for filling out our Project Agreement form!
If you haven't already, please have your senior leader fill out our Gospel Agreement form linked below.
Gospel Agreement